Welcome To:

147.120 Mhz Repeater

located 1 mile north of Big tree park, north east of Longwood, Florida.

A Group to help promote Amateur Radio through out the community, and the World.

This repeater is a community owned repeater, there is no club or organization, but a group of ham radio operators who love ham radio and want to provide a place to make ham radio great again.

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Current Operations:

147.120 Mhz Repeater with a pl of 103.5

147120_projects Yahoo Group. This is the main place for information outside of the repeater.

To subscribe email: 147120_projects-subscribe@ yahoogroups . Com.

Now that you have your Ham radio License, are you having problems getting that radio to work? Can’t decide what radio to buy? Having antenna problems? Well, we can help. There is a group of hams that reach out to others to teach, educate, and help new and old hams alike. They are called “Elmers”. An Elmer is a ham who is willing help you. You can find an elmer by getting on the repeater and asking, emailing, or coming to one of the “meet and eats”.


Tech Net: Every Wednesday night 8pm on the repeater. A great place for getting your questions answered.

1st and 3rd Saturday “meet and eat” Bob Evans 5pm on 436 near oxford in Fern Park