Ham radio DSP Page


These are the best thing since the on/off switch.

I have some great DSP filters. They give 62 DB of rejection using a quad set of chips(300 MHz DSP chip set), this includes a 5 watt audio amp.  The DSP unit plugs in between the radio and the speaker and is powered by 12 volts. There is a on and off switch and an indicator to tell if the unit is working. 

These are very effective in reducing the audio from unwanted signals. Some people have asked for specific models including ZVK, ADX, VNF, ECA, COJ, DMR and even the most famous the WOV model. 

When you turn on the filter you are treated to a quiet no hassle conversation with no interference or noise from the unwanted sources. When the unwanted stations is on the air there is a green indicator to let you know not to transmit over the unwanted station. Remember just because you can not hear them, is no excuse for deliberate interference (not to mention it can get you a visit from the FCC).


These are sure to become the most popular thing in ham radio technology since the the PTT button and the ZVK's RTL button.

Email your request for your specific need and remember you will need one filter for each unwanted station. These can be combined up to 4 per box. You can have multiple boxes daisy chained for the ultimate noise reduction.


Pictures will becoming soon of the basic unit.




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