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Lisa & Tom Tishken


Hi, we would like to welcome you.

We were students at Baptist Bible Graduate School of Theology, but we have left.
Lisa was working on a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling, and I was working on a Master of Divinity with a minor in marriage and family studies (counseling). Please Pray for us as we follow God's call into full time ministry, either as missionaries or here in America. God has called me (Tom) to preach God's Word.

We are Bible believing, Bible Teaching, Bible preaching, Biblical separation from the world, independent, fundamental, Baptists that believe God's Word is our final authority. We believe the KJV is God's ONLY Bible for the English speaking peoples. We believe all newer translations are nothing more than perversions of God's Word. I preach Heaven is real, and Hell is forever. We believe God can save anyone, even those who have been caught up into the occult, Satanism, Wicca, and Sodomy (homosexuals). Only God can change their lives and turn them from the self-destructive lifestyle of those things. The salvation that Christ offers IS eternal.

We believe salvation will (not maybe) bring change to a person's life. 

We believe a lack of the following is a good indicator of either a self-centered Christian or a lost person. 1)faithful Church attendance 2)A Strong desire to worship God, serve God, and learn God's Word (KJV) 3)A Strong desire to go Soul Winning to keep others from going to hell.


Are you involved in Satanism or feel you are involved in a cult or other type of situation that you feel is dragging you down and hindering you from knowing who God is? Then email me, I would like to talk with you. Do you know where you would spend eternity if you were to die before you finish reading this page? Then e-mail me; I would like to talk with you.


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