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Hello, and welcome to my page.

I am located in Grand Island, Fla. This is about half way between Orlando and Ocala.


I operate 160 - 6  meters, 2 Meter, 220 MHz ,70cm, and 23cm. Also Packet, APRS, and SSTV. 

My main focus of operating is on 10 meter SSB.


I have been working 10 meters quite a bit over the last 15 months (at the time of writing this 12-14-06). And I can say first hand that 10 meters has been open to somewhere just about everyday. I can only count 15 days during the last 15 month that the band was dead (no contacts made except for locals).  As of 10-28-07 I can only count 31 days of no contacts. 

I ran 2 different rigs while running mobile in a 2003 Chevy Astro Van, 1) FT-100 and 2) HTX-100. Currently I am working on getting my new car (1995 Chevy Caprice) set up for 10 meters. 

Currently I am running a Radio Shack HTX-100, a Palomar 225HD (running 180W pep), and a 7' Firestick on the trunk lid.



 Email me for a schedule time to chat.

If you are in Florida please feel free to join my Florida 10 meter group. We use this to exchange info about operating and scheduling operating times. We discuss anything 10 meters here including the possibility of getting a new 10-10 chapter going. We have adapted 28.400 as our calling and rag chewing freq (that is as long as the freq is not busy with DX). My goal with this group is to stir up activity now while the band is quiet, with the goal of getting more hams active locally and state wide on 10 meters.


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10 meter mobile antenna results

Ok, lets get the set up that we used to test the antennas: Double shielded RG-58 (17'), MFJ-259b, a valor 3/8'x20 trunk lip mount.  I used the 28.273 MHz beacon in Apopka, FL as my rx bench mark using my FT-100. It is located about 15 miles from me. All bandwidth is given as: Freqs where the SWR becomes 2:1. for example: 400KHz would mean at 400 KHz the SWR was 2:1, if you double this it will give you the total band width of the antenna.

Larson NMO-27: preformed the worst,  400 KHz and a S2 on the beacon

3' Ironhorse/hamstick: 750 KHz and S4 on RX

3' Firestick: unit developed problems disqualified

Hustler short shaft and RS-10: 750 KHz and S7 on RX

7' Firestick: 1.1 MHz and S9 to 10 over s9 on RX

102" steel whip: 1.2 MHz and S7 (please note this antenna was not tuned to 10 meters, tuned at 27.0 MHz)


As you can see from the results the 7' Firestick, which is top loaded preformed the best. It has made a world of difference in both RX and TX.  I have worked further on ground wave on this antenna than any other i have tried.


A new 10-10 chapter for Central Fla

WOW if you have not heard, there is a new chapter of the 10 10 international. It is located right here in Central fla. It is called the Cypress Chapter. Not to be confused with the now defunk "Central Florida Cypress Chapter". This is a new chapter. We have decided as a group to honor the former chapter by allowing the old chapter members to get their number under the new chapter. I believe this chapter will go far in promoting ham radio and the use of 10 meters in the Central Florida area.

The chapter net is Tuesday nights at 9pm on 28.465 MHz.

We are holding monthly meetings at the Bob Evans at Lake Mary and I-4 on the 3rd Saturday at 5:30pm. everyone is welcome to come and join us.

AF4QT and KK3Q are doing a excellent job in getting things running, i can not thank them enough for the work that they and all the original people behind the scene making this become one of the best chapters in the 10 10 international. If you hear AF4QT or KK3Q please let them know how much you appreciate all of their hard work. also W5IHN, N4PLR, KF4SQ, KB4VNF, KI4VTL, WB4GHU have had a extra part in the beginning meetings.


CW practice net

I am trying to get a Group together for CW practice on FM in the Lake County Area.

area. If you are interested Email me kd4wov@...earthlink.net.



Packet BBS and digital modes


I currently have a BBS, Telpac node, and also I am working on a  DX cluster on 145.010 MHz. 

Currently this is Down due to LARA changing freq of the Local node from the coordinated Lake County LAN freq of 145.010 MHz to 145.070 MHz. This is not only a lack of good operating practice, but now opens the Club up for correcting any interference issues with the Coordinated Orlando Lan freq of 145.070 MHz.


APRS 144.390 MHz Wide Digi. This is currently down to lack of use in lake county. at one point there was 4 nodes and only 3 intermittent users in the county.


My Gear.

I have 2 FT-100D's, FT-847, FT-757GX, FT-8100, Tokyo high powerHT-750, TM-541, several IC-28H, IC-38a, Several FT-101's, Cobra 142GTL, Radio Shack HTX-10 and HTX-100,  this just a short list.

2 FT-911's, and several mobile 2 meter rigs, and several HT's for most bands.


Equipment Repair and Install

If you are interested in having your equipment installed, by a professional give me a call or email. I am a licensed FCC Technician and have been doing 2 Way Radio work (repair, Install, and consulting) for over 20 years. I use a Motorola service monitor, freq counter, oscilloscopes, and other test equipment.

You can reach me at 352 - 357 - 6087  or kd4wov@...earthlink.net





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